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Passive Components

Passive components

We supply a full range of telecommunication passive products mainly with 4.3-10 interface to help our customers improve the PIM performance of their networks by reducing the uplink interference levels and hence ensuring better data throughputs. Products with DIN 7/16 and N-type interfaces are also available.

Combiners are used for co-siting application, which can combine different systems into one common port to feed to antennas. We provide complete combiner product series for different deployments, including TDD/FDD models, with good isolation and excellent PIM levels.

The hybrid couplers are use for the same band combining. That means one more system can share the same feeder or DAS with another.

The splitters are used to divide power equally. We can provide 2-way, 3-way and 4-way models for different applications.

They are used to divide power unequally. We provide number of models with different coupling factor from 5 to 30dB with good isolation and excellent 3rd order PIM level up to -163dBc.

The attenuators are used for power adjustment by attenuating the power. We have 10/25/50/100W models with different attenuation level.

The termination loads are used to terminate the idle ports of the other passive components. They help to improve system performance by matching the impedance.

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